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Your donation enables Outdoor Chattanooga’s mission to make outdoor recreation an attractive, healthy, and distinguishing lifestyle for Chattanooga’s residents and visitors, which, in turn, will maintain and enhance the value of the region’s resources, and help grow the region’s economy.  By donating to Friends of Outdoor Chattanooga, your contribution funds our work to:

  • Raise funds for recreational assets and programs
  • Support our trail system and open spaces
  • Champion outdoor recreational opportunities

Friends at every level are important to the work we do.

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About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

When you contribute to Friends of Outdoor Chattanooga you contribute to the community.  The funding is allocated to support events, buy equipment, and get more people using our outdoor facilities then ever before.  We purchase everything from new bikes, kayaks, climbing gear, to putting a new set of tires on a van that it going to transport program participants to their next adventure.


Outdoor Chattanooga is known as the place to “dip your toe” into something new and see if you like it.  In doing so, we have to insure the safety of our employees and participants.  We help by keeping gear up to spec and people educated about best practices.


It is through education that our natural resource remain unharmed.  Funding allocated to this cause can be anything from signage and communication tools to hosting events specific to protecting that which is most important.  Sometimes, though, learning something new can be fun…..


Over the past few years your contributions have supported the purchase of new bikes, kayaks, and climbing gear.  This allows Outdoor Chattanooga to provide the equipment necessary in order to give participants a unique experience in our outdoor spaces.

Programs & Events

Whether it is supporting some music by the bonfire, or running a bike valley at a festival, we aim to participate in events throughout the year that highlight some of Chattanooga’s finest outdoor experiences.

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